"Outlandish Flowers #90" Painting: Acrylic on canvas Size: 47"x32"x0.8" (120x80x2 cm)

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"Outlandish Flowers #90"

Painting: Acrylic on canvas
Size: 47"x32"x0.8" (120x80x2 cm)
Year: 2020
Style: Modern Contemporary

I've created the intuitive semi abstract flowers painting. There are imaginary flowers, bright colors, light and shadows, shimmering in the background. With this painting I invite you to travel into mysterious imaginary world of bright colours and tricky lines.

This painting will bring fresh and mysterious mood into your space.

This is original, handmade painting. It is very intuitive. This painting was created in order to contemplate it for a long time, to find new images and associations. And at the same time it can be perceived as more abstract, a thin web of plastic shapes, lines and contrasting colours.

This painting has been created in my personal original technique. I have been experimenting for several years with combinations of colors, different layers, and thousands of strokes. My paintings reflect my love to bright and rich colors, painting itself, different textile techniques that inspires me and my love to lines and graphic elements.
I always include spirals in my paintings. Spiral is an ancient symbol of universe, sun, development, movement.
Spirals in my paintings help me to create volume and unusual visual effects.


The painting is signed on the back.
This painting is accompanied by the Certificate of Authenticity.

In my paintings I use finest quality professional acrylic paints, cotton gallery canvas.


I ship worldwide.

Painting is packed very carefully in cardboard box with generous layers of bubble wrap to protect it.

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